• Testimonial 1

    1. Why did you decide to try Crown Green Bowls? Who prompted you to give it a try?

    My father was a very keen bowler and, as a child, I spent many hours on a Saturday afternoon watching him play in matches. I have played badminton for most of my life but had to give up at 50 when my knees couldn't take it anymore and I have missed having a sport in my life. I have often thought of taking up bowls since retiring but never seemed to have enough time to fit it in and wasn't sure if I would be able to manage the game with dodgy knees. When we lost my father-in-law earlier this year, I found his bowls tucked away at the back of the wardrobe. His initials were the same as mine and his bowls were stamped G.W. so I thought it was time for me to have a try for myself. I looked online and was delighted to find details of a local club. My enquiry was promptly replied to and the club provided me with two taster sessions on a one-to-one basis before I had to make my mind up. This was absolutely ideal as it gave me a chance to see if I could cope with the game. Subsequently, I have also taken advantage of some free coaching by one of the club members and am often given pointers by my fellow bowlers.

    2. What, if any, have been the physical benefits? In what way do you think it has helped you physically?

    I started out being quite stiff and sore after playing at first but this has gradually improved. I am happy to report that my knees are coping and I am finding that I feel stronger, more flexible and fitter since taking up the sport. It also gets me out in the fresh air for a few hours each week so I am developing a healthy glow!

    3. What, if any, have been the social benefits? In what way do you think it has helped you socially and your general well-being?

    I really look forward to bowling days. The game itself is great fun and my fellow bowlers are very welcoming and friendly. I was concerned that folk would be unhappy at having to play with a beginner but this is certainly not the case. One of my doubles partners said to me the other day "we don't do sorry", when I apologised to her for a poor shot. That made me feel so much better and takes the anxiety out of my lack of skill. I have also signed up for the annual day trip to Samlesbury in August and there are lots of other social events coming up which my fellow bowlers have encouraged me to join.

    4. What would be your message to others to give Crown Green Bowls a try?

    Don't waste any more time! There are health, wellbeing and social benefits to be had from this sport. I am so glad I decided to try bowling - for me, it’s a bit like coming home!

    Testamonial 2

    My plans for retirement had always included filling the extra time I would have with activities that I would enjoy and stimulate. I was interested in researching family history and also bowling.


    The first would be interesting but sedentary; the second would be physical and social. Despite all the advice from colleagues who had already retired, I hadn’t foreseen how busy I would be doing things that previously had slipped ‘under the radar’. How had I found the time to work?I was surprised by the large number of Bowling clubs in Formby. How would I choose? How would I be received as a beginner?


    I knew nothing of the rules or etiquette of Crown Green Bowling. Some years previously I had played a friendly game of ‘Flat Green’ bowling with my father-in-law in South Wales. However, I was to find out that is a very different game.I was rescued by an article in the local free newspaper about a scheme called ‘Bowl for Health’. This sounded exactly what I needed - an eight week course which would instruct me in everything I needed to know in order to take up Crown Green Bowling.


    I phoned about the course and was told that I would need to commit one hour a week for eight weeks. The course would be run mainly by the club coach - a qualified British Crown Green Bowling Association coach.I was one of four participants on a Thursday. There were another four on a Tuesday and, for eight weeks, we were tutored in the basics of Crown Green Bowling.


    Of course, the expectation is that you would join the Bowls Club following this initiation.In my case, this was a no-brainer - I thoroughly enjoyed the social aspect of the game as well as the low-key (in my case!) competition. I was warmly welcomed by existing members who were generous with their time, patience and guidance. I invariably feel better after a session of bowls - physically and mentally - and it is a sport which can continue to a ‘ripe’ age.