• Club News

    A new season is upon us and the Green was formally opened on 16th March 2024 by the Club President Peter Dunne and the Committee Chair Judy Muchall.

    The first bowl of the season was granted to committee member Dave Jones our new volunteer Greenkeeper, who has worked tirelessly over the winter with his volunteer "Cutting Crew" to get the green into first-class condition for the season. A huge thanks Dave and the crew for all your continuing efforts.

    Practice has commenced in earnest and there are a couple of friendly matches arranged between the "A" teams and "B" teams of the club to put some spice into the practice sessions. I am not sure it would be wise to publish the results of these games here !!

    Working Parties have commenced with a fantastic turnout on the first of the year in March. Working parties are invaluable to the running and maintenance of the club, tasks such as cleaning the pavilion, the kitchen, weeding the grounds, tending to the planting, painting and repair of benches, the player shelters etc. keep the club looking in good order and keep up a good appearance all round. Thank you to all you volunteers who turn up. We couldn't do it without you.


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